Hannah Schawelson
1987 2006

Hannah was a loving daughter, sister, friend and free spirit who always saw the good in people and made everyone feel special. She had a wonderful and full 19 years. She touched so many lives and did more than most people do in a lifetime.

On May 3rd 2006 we held a Memorial service for her in Scottsdale, Arizona, one of her favorite places. It was attended by friends and family from all over the world. On a moments notice, her CIS friends and teachers dropped what they were doing and came in from Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Canada and throughout the USA. It was a beautiful service and true tribute to the kind of person Hannah was.

Hannah enjoyed charity work and loved giving back to the community. Hannah spent 14 years at Chinese International School and considered it her second home. She loved it there and would want to give something back to the school. That is why we decided to set up the memorial fund at CIS.

Hannah was Born in Hong Kong on April 22, 1987 and lost her life in a car accident on April 28th 2006.

Hannah started at Chinese International School in Reception and was in the first Graduating Class (Class of 2005) on the school's new campus. She had just started College as a Freshman at the University of Virginia, Studying Economics and Business.

Hannah loved life and was always happy just hanging with her family, The Toxic Butterflies, with Conrad or with her many other Friends. Some of her favorite activities included watching TV with the girls, summers in Daytona, talking on the Phone, Lan Kwai Fong, the Lanes, Todai and Happy Hour at Eddie V's.

Here are some of Hannah's favorite things:

Music: Lifehouse, Hoobastank, Jack Johnson, The Calling, Chris Brown, The Fray, JAY CHOU, Nelly.

Favorite TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy, Monk, Nip/Tuck, Felicity, Smallville, Family Guy, Desperate Housewives, OC, Lost, Friends, America's Next Top Model, Sex and The City

Favorite Movies: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Mean Girls, Love Actually, Into the Blue, Star Wars, Crash, Shrek, Grease, 10 Things I Hate About You

Favorite Quotes: "I'll be demand, you be supply... Baby lets find our equilibrium" K


To contact the family privately, please e-mail us at rschawelson@gmail.com or by mail: GPO Box 10167, Hong Kong